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Supreme Court strikes down Trump-era federal ban on bump stocks

The Supreme Court has struck down the Trump administration's federal ban on bump stocks, declaring that the government exceeded its authority.
Night photo featuring domed capitol.

Murkowski votes with Democrats on IVF bill. Sullivan joins most GOP senators to block it.

Alaska's senators say they support the reproductive technology, but they split on a Democratic "show us who you are" vote.
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Juneau man dies in Seattle hospital after a city-owned truck struck him

The 38-year-old man was lying in the drive-through lane of a Mendenhall Valley business when he was struck.
A woman in a pink sweater welcomes in people to her store.

Anchorage sisters tap readers’ rapture for romance with new bookstore

Beauty and the Book Alaska specializes in the romance genre- a growing trend in Alaska and around the country.
Kuskokwim Bay

Reported trawling too close to Kuskokwim Bay draws industry response

Social media posts feature marine traffic maps showing vessels' locations. One post reads “six trawlers right outside the mouth of Kuskokwim.”
set netters

Feds declare economic disaster for 2023 east Cook Inlet set net season

The declaration releases federal relief funds for affected fishers and related businesses. It follows one this spring for the 2021 and 2022 seasons.
a homeless shelter

Ketchikan’s main homeless shelter is shutting its doors for good

First City Homeless Services' board wrote that “continual obstructive behavior” from the Ketchikan City Council led them to the decision.
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Family of man fatally shot by Anchorage police lobbies to view body camera footage

Monte Handy, father of 34-year-old Kristopher Handy, said the family wants to see what happened for themselves.

Juneau shelter seeks foster homes for 50 cats removed from single residence

A Juneau Animal Control officer says large groups of cats, like the one seized earlier this month, can start with just two animals and snowball from there.
Mount Redoubt

Royalty-free terms draw only 3 oil and gas lease bids in Alaska’s Cook Inlet

DNR Commissioner John Boyle is "disappointed" by the results but defends royalty reductions to encourage more inlet drilling.

Supreme Court rejects challenge to FDA’s approval of mifepristone

The court said that the challengers had no right to be in court at all since they could not show they had suffered any actual injury from the FDA rules.
the trans-Alaska pipeline

Environmental groups ask feds to reconsider the trans-Alaska pipeline and plan for its removal

Petitioners say the climate impact of oil merits another look at the pipeline that transformed Alaska. Gov. Dunleavy responded with derision.
Spruce trees

As Alaska’s boreal forest warms, land managers face tough questions about how, or whether, to respond

Reporter Lois Parshley explores whether and when humans should accept, resist or direct climate change's impacts.

2 men tried to illegally smuggle snowmachines from U.S. to Russia, feds say

Prosecutors say Sergey Nefedov and Mark Shumovich tried to evade U.S. export controls on snowmachines during Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
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A petition to put king salmon on the endangered species list is raising alarm across Alaska

People across Alaska are reacting to a petition that would grant Gulf of Alaska king salmon Endangered Species Act protections.
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Anchorage restaurants can now start serving alcohol 2 hours earlier

Under the new rules approved by the Assembly, restaurants can serve alcohol starting at 8 a.m.
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Former Homeland Security officer in Anchorage sentenced to 7 years for sexual assault

A Superior Court judge called Bert Christopher Heitstuman a “serial predator” who abused his authority to attack women he worked with.
Peter Maassen

Dunleavy will be asked to pick fourth Alaska Supreme Court justice

By February, Gov. Mike Dunleavy will have appointed four of the five Supreme Court justices, and the next opening isn't for years.
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Crews search lake near Ketchikan for missing woman

Christiana Watt, 48, was reported missing around 8 p.m. Monday night near Ward Lake.
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How a 12-year-old got an Anchorage street named after a Harry Potter location

In the Harry Potter universe, Grimmauld Place is where Potter’s godfather Sirius Black lives. Now it's a West Anchorage street.